What is iroha Note?

iroha Note is a software solution that allows you to create notes to study from, or to organize your information. It is simple to use, but at the same time it is a powerful tool for your note-taking needs. In addition to taking notes, iroha Note can also be used as a simple mind mapping utility.

Is iroha Note free?

Yes. iroha Note is a free Adobe AIR application. We are also considering an advanced edition of iroha Note called iroha Note+.

Can I use iroha Note on Mac?

Yes. You can use iroha Note on main OS such as Windows, Mac and Linux. iroha Note is developed in Adobe AIR platform. You need to install Adobe AIR to use iroha Note.

Is it possible to print my notes?

No. Unfortunately, iroha Note does not support print. But the printing feature is going to be supported by iroha Note+.

Is it possible to export images?

No. iroha Note does not support exporting images. But the exporting images feature is going to be supported by iroha Note+.

Why does the texts of iroha Note look blurred?

iroha Note uses a special antialias font as a default font. So it may look blurred for some people. If you have difficulty seeing texts, please change the font at the [Setting] window.