Features Comparison

  iroha Note iroha Note+
Create Notes Yes Yes
Search Notes Yes Yes
Add Card Leafs Yes Yes
Add Web Leafs Yes Yes
Add Image Leafs   Yes
Link Leafs Yes Yes
Copy Leafs Yes Yes
Export Images   Yes
Print Notes   Yes
Data file Backup Yes Yes
Data file Restore Yes Yes
Change the Location of the data file   Yes

1. Image Leafs

You can add image files in your notes. It's very simple. Just select an image file, or drag and drop an image file on the iroha Note+. The images file automatically resizes to the Leaf size.

Support Format : JPEG, PNG, GIF


2. Exporting Images.

You can export your notes as image files. In this way, you can use your notes on other applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint or web pages.

Support Format : JPEG, PNG

An exported image file.

Also, you can choose a transparent background. (Only PNG Format)


3. Print

You can easily print your notes.


4. Changing the location of the data file.

You can change the storage location of your data file (irohaNote.db). If you use an online storage service such as Dropbox, you can synchronize your notes with other computers.